Home Remodeling With A Home Library

Home Remodeling With A Home Library

Have you ever dreamed of having your own little library in your home? Do you look at photos of antique libraries in spacious estates and wished that you could enjoy the warmth of a little library of your own? That dream doesn’t have to go unfulfilled. Being practical and reasonable with the scope and size of your library can make this dream a reality.

Creating that dream and having your own little library in your house doesn’t have to be an impossible dream. Talk to your spouse or look around your home right now. Is there an unused corner of a room that you could use as a stepping stone to a full blown library? How much space do you need? Chances are that your collection of books wouldn’t fill an entire room anyhow. Staking your claim on a corner of your den or a large window around which you could carve out a library nook might be the way to go right now.

A nice double window where you could make a window seat or a corner that is underutilized might be the perfect spot for your home library. Look around the house and make a list of different spots that you wish to claim as your starter library. Sketch out plans for each of these locations before making a decision and discuss it with your partner. Get their input and thoughts on your plans.

After you have agreed on the location of your home library, begin to come up with your design. Spend some time coming up with different configurations and ideas for the area and have some fun being creative. Work through the measurements for the height, width and depth of your bookshelves while making allowances for large books that you might have or might plan on having in the future. The choices are yours to make and coming up with an appealing design that suits your needs can be challenging at times but take your time during the planning phase of your project.

While you might want to build your home library out of the finest wood such as oak or cherry, this really isn’t necessary. Most of the lumber that you’ll use to build your shelves can be of lesser quality since it won’t be seen. Most of the wood that you’ll use will be hidden. This means that you can splurge on nicer wood for the visible surfaces and trim.

Be sure to save some money out of your budget for all the little things that you’re going to want to add to your new library nook. You may want to find a comfortable chair that suits you as well as a nice lamp to light your reading area. You might also want to spend a little time browsing for new books at a flea market or your local used bookstore. Complete your library with a small table for your tea and a warm blanket and you have heaven on earth.

Building a small library in your home doesn’t have to be complicated. Have some fun with the planning process, think everything through and soon you can be relaxing in the most comfortable spot in the house wondering why you never did this before. It might not be picture perfect or take up a whole room but that’s in the future, right? Slowly build your collection of books and soon you’ll take over the whole room. That’s another project for another day though.

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