Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antibody Conjugation In The Medical Field

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Antibody Conjugation In The Medical Field

Antibody Conjugation is a very important process mainly for medical purposes. Through this process it is possible to perform both invitro and invivo studies for the benefit of humankind. The process can be defined in simple language as the binding of antibodies with other components. This is usually done to obtain some specific expected results. These components may be either live or non-living.

The nature of this process only allows it to be done in an advanced set up owing to the complexity and costs involved. Irrespective of the cost for carrying out the process, the resultant benefit in many occasions outweighs the cost. Reviewed below are some of the milestones achieved as a result of the process.

Using appropriate techniques, a significant number of illnesses can now be well managed with high level of success. One of the benefits is that, scientist have been able to bind to the immunoglobulin cells useful radioelements to help combat cancerous cells. The process exploits the antibody as a transporter of the redioelements to loci of the infection. Upon the delivery of the elements, it singles out the cancerous cells and deals with it appropriately to bring back normalcy.

The same theory has been exploited because the antibodies have shown traits of being able to attach to components with bactericidal properties. This has enabled the transfer of the antibiotic to the exact location of the infectious bacteria in the body. With continued studies, correct amounts of the antibiotic can now be ferried to the required site resulting to the death of the microorganism which leads to healing of the patient.

With the continued research and studies in the medical field, great efforts has been made to include the antibody binding process to attain the much-needed break through. Many studies and experiments have been done over a long time and some important medical diagnostic products have been realized. In the current market, we are able to carry out laboratory test that used to take so long to get a result in a very short time; this is because of such test kits that incorporate enzyme conjugates.

To be fair enough, one should never look at the benefits without looking at the negatives of the process. Bacterial cells usually reproduce through a process known as binary fusion, which allow them to rapidly increase in their numbers. This is a negative side of the process since the more the bacterial load on the patient the severe the pain and discomfort and because the process is very fast then you can lose a patient in a short time if not well managed.

Some patients have shown poor response to antibiotic as reported by the medical practitioners. Further investigation later revealed that the disease causing bacteria might have bound to exchange DNA material with the antibodies from the patient. Such instances usually bring forth a genetically mutated bacterial cell that hardly responds to the normal drug regime.

Humankind should therefore appreciate the heights scaled through antibody conjugation related studies and processes. Everybody bestowed with the responsibility to handle such processes should exercise caution to ensure that the safety of other people. Such studies should also be conducted with the care to avoid production of more bacteria of different strains.

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